Subsea axial
control valve

The first real subsea control valve on the market. The excellent control characteristics enable the possibilities for subsea processing. The preferred solution for subsea anti-surge protection and subsea separator control.

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Subsea qualified

Successful qualification of components, compliance to PR2 testing, 500.000 stroke endurance testing without stem seal leakage, hyperbaric testing.

Axial flow

Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body avoids turbulence and prevents erosion and vibration.

Unique TVM®

Total Velocity Management® concept: intelligent valve design that carefully manages fluid velocity in all areas of the valve.

Severe service

Suitable for unclean process medium. As a standard supplied including Tungsten Carbide trim for ultimate reliability.

Fast control

Fast stroking and accurate control is possible due to the pressure balanced piston rod. Especially suitable for anti-surge applications.

High capacity

The inherent capacity of the axial valve is very high compared to conventional control valves and enables the selection of a smaller valve size.

Actuator flexibility

The valve is suitable for a variety of linear subsea actuators. Designed for automatic operation with hydraulic or electric subsea actuators.

Product Summary

Type designation
Subsea control valve
Sizes 8" - 12"
Rating API 5000
Other pressure ratings upon request
Water depth
3000 m.
In preference to
Subsea ball valve
Subsea angle control valve
Typical applications
Subsea special control
Subsea anti-surge / recycle control
Subsea separator control
Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body
Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body
Mokveld's subsea axial control valve.
Mokveld's subsea axial control valve.
Mokveld’s subsea anti surge control valve on Åsgard subsea compression project.
Mokveld’s subsea anti surge control valve on Åsgard subsea compression project.

Mokveld’s subsea anti surge control valve on Åsgard subsea compression project.
Photo: Statoil / Aker Solutions. Click here for the full video.

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Special features

  • Custom-designed valve trim for each unique control application.
  • Suitable for applications that require a high turndown.

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