Business areas

Global trends in the safety of the gas, oil and water processes demand constant improvement of technologies and knowledge about these processes.


Transporting natural gas or crude oil for processing involves operating and maintaining an extensive infrastructure. Often, the locations are remote and reliability is most important for low maintenance and accurate management of supply and demand. For control as well as for safety applications to protect your pump or compressor station, Mokveld offers you a reliable valve solution relevant to your specific needs. Topside or subsea.

Hydropower & water infrastructure

There are specific operations that require critical management of the water flow. Mokveld’s axial valve design carefully manages fluid velocity in all areas of the valve (trim and body) which prevents cavitation, vibration and noise. As a result unplanned process downtime will be minimised and operational costs can be reduced.


Extreme climates, adverse environments, limited space, subsea requirements. These are a few of the demanding characteristics typical of gas and oil exploration and production. These conditions translate into product requirements like compact valve solutions with maximum flow and reliability. All of which are key features in Mokveld's upstream valve solutions.


Subsea processing is a growing area in offshore technology and allows improved field recovery at lower capital and operating costs. In combination with subsea pumping and subsea compression technology, most upstream processes can be conducted subsea now. Mokveld’s subsea valves meet the most challenging demands of subsea processing.