Check valves for the São Francisco River Integration Project

Mokveld supplied three 48” check valves for the São Francisco River Integration Project, a very large and important water infrastructure project in Brazil.

The São Francisco River Integration Project has a total length of 477 kilometres. It will guarantee the water security of 12 million people in 390 municipalities in the north-eastern states of Pernambuco, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba, where the drought is frequent.

The project has a lifting station composed of three 11,000hp pumps, pumping 8 m3/sec of water, overcoming a 200 meter water column through 8 km of an 84” pipeline.


A Mokveld 48”/300RF check valve is installed downstream of each pump to prevent backflow over the pumps which will work parallel to each other. The Mokveld axial check valves are custom engineered valves to meet the client’s specific process conditions.

Based on the process specifications, Mokveld offered non-slam axial check valves with very low dP and excellent dynamic performance with very fast closing. Additionally, it is expected that the axial check valves do not require any maintenance during its lifetime.

  • Country: Brazil
  • Business area: Water
  • Application: drinking water
  • Size and rating: 48"/300RF



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