HIPPS skids for TurkStream

Mokveld HIPPS-skids are installed at the Turkish Landfall of the TurkStream Project.

The High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) assures the safety of the on-shore pipeline by closing 24” valves in less than 2 seconds. The TurkStream project awarded Mokveld with a turn-key order for SIL3 rated skids where Sensors, Logic Solver, Final elements and even the hydraulic power are integrated.

Impressive HIPPS-skids

The TurkStream project consists of 2 930 km subsea pipelines across the Black Sea, with a total capacity of approximately 8% of the yearly European gas import. The gas is transported at high pressure and at the Kiyiköy arrival the pressure is reduced to the pressure of the Turkish gas grid by Mokveld axial control valves. The Mokveld HIPPS-skid protects the 72 bar Turkish gas grid against the 300 bar upstream pipeline pressure. In total 6 HIPPS skids are installed. These impressive skids integrate the pressure transmitters, the hard-wired voting logic in an Explosion proof (Ex’d’) enclosure, the two 24” PN300 final elements and the hydraulic supply.

The safety function of the HIPPS is critical, failure upon a demand results in serious consequences for personnel and environment. Mokveld was selected for the integration of the HIPPS based on the competences of the certified Functional Safety Engineers and the third party certified Functional Safety Management system (FSM), confirming the Systematic Capability SC3.

The failure data of the Mokveld final elements are field proven failure data of final elements in similar applications allowing a SIL3 protection without the requirement for additional testing requirements like partial stroke testing.

  • Country: Turkey
  • Business area: transmission
  • Application: HIPPS
  • Size and rating: 24” (PN300)

Product support

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